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<b>Bite Book 1</b>

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<b>The V-day Aversion</b>

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<b>The Story</b>
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Henkäys vain

Henkäys vain is a great book that will not leave you indifferent after reading.

Silvano brought me a piece of bread and a jug of water. He placed him right behind the door, and as I rose from my corner to greet him and thank him, he quickly backed away through the entrance, crossed, and pushed through the heavy oak door when it sank. 'Father Fabian has just died. In three days he will have a funeral. If you can pray at least in your mind, do it. 'Silvan's voice sounded over the door, muffled, almost deadly. The message itself did not surprise me, in fact, Fabian's farewell to me. What surprised me, however, was Silvan's fear. He does not have a reason to scare me. For so many years we've lived side by side ...

For what I remember, I was always more afraid than anyone else. What happened? Almost nothing - I just had the bout. Are there any spasms of something wrong? Maybe he's afraid he's contagious. And then why are you talking about the devil? Why a prison? I had a piece of bread. It was fresh and fragrant. Yesterday I made him his own hand. I have to say that I really did this time. Suddenly my bite began to bang in my throat. Somewhere near the window, he sat down and began to sneak around his changing trills around. He whispers and leaves for a moment where he likes. Everywhere he finds something in his beak ... I've been trying to be in his place ...

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